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  • We have 35 years of BBC journalism and production experience between us

  • We have unrivalled experience in helping universities to publicise their research through the media and podcasts (trained in 40 UK universities and a number of Doctoral Training Partnerships)

  • We’ve successfully trained public service organisations, charities and companies in the UK and abroad for more than a decade

  • Our training is very hands-on and always customised to each individual participant

  • We don’t believe in ‘learning by humiliation’

  • We are a small and flexible partnership with fiercely competitive pricing

  • We train as a team, bringing together complementary skills, abilities and personalities

  • Wide international experience helps us to adapt to audiences of varied backgrounds

  • We believe that training should be fun for both the participants and the trainers.

Media Players International - Lily


I am a London-based graduate of Kiev State University. I began working as an adult education teacher in Ukraine, and on coming to the UK I worked at the BBC for 9 years. I was a reporter/presenter, senior producer, media consultant and trainer on a variety of TV and radio projects, from agriculture and environment to small business and civil society.

I was awarded a diploma from the London School of Public Relations and set up mpi with Tim in 2001. Since then I’ve greatly enjoyed helping intelligent and dedicated people to face the media without fear. I find my teaching, journalistic and PR experiences give me good insight into what our clients need. You can read my CV here.

Media Players International - Tim


I am an Oxford English graduate with 26 years of varied BBC experience. I reported from more than 30 countries, edited and presented flagship news programmes for BBC World Service and made TV and radio documentaries and educational series.

On leaving the BBC I set up mpi, and since then I’ve advised governments and charities on media relations and public service advertising, carried out media and communications projects for major international donors like the EU and the World Bank, and trained at 40 British universities, helping them to publicise their research through the media. You can read my CV here.

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