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If your organisation finds itself at the centre of a media storm, you can’t simply batten down the hatches – if you do, the vacuum will be filled by your critics and opponents.

Our crisis communication training prepares you for such eventualities. As they say, it’s not the crisis that destroys reputations, it’s the handling of it. You will get a chance to practise TV/radio interviews based on appropriate ‘crisis’ scenarios, and analyse them in a constructive and supportive atmosphere.

At our workshops you will learn:

  • How to prepare your media response for potential crises

  • What your media audiences expect from you in a crisis

  • How to handle the media in the first hours of a crisis

  • Your core crisis messages

  • How to deal with hostile/difficult questions

  • How to use the most effective tone and body language to achieve your objectives



We provide our crisis communications training either as part of our media training workshop or as a separate short course.

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