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We seek feedback after all our training, and on a number of occasions have recorded 100% of respondents describing the training as “Excellent”. These are some of the things people say about us:

Useful and relevant

“Very insightful and a good way to discuss and address how to disseminate our research better.”
James Cole, Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Brighton

"Thanks to your workshop... my work has attracted lots of attention from the media - at least 325 media outlets covered the story, with a potential audience of 409,288,179 people around the world. I am very lucky to have attended your workshop"

Dr Yevhen Suprunenko, Epidemiology and Modelling Group, Plant Sciences, Cambridge

“A really useful event, with just the right mix of theory and practice.”
Professor Tim Bale, Politics, Queen Mary, University of London

“The opportunities to stage an interview were fantastic, especially seeing the improvement in every single person in the group. The comments/analysis were constructive, encouraging and helpful. The sense of experience in the media came through in every moment of the session.”
Peter Gillies, Associate Lecturer in English & Creative Writing, Plymouth University


"The practical advice was just excellent: technical detail was to the point and always useful, the content of the seminar was structured extremely well. The links provided are for relevant and comprehensive materials. The slides are first class.

I attended a different online podcast training session which was trying to do the same sort of thing earlier in the week (from a different provider). Yours was *far and away* the better offering!"

Cath Kennedy, PhD Biblical Studies, Sheffield

"Excellent, well structured, informative, well-researched, engaging, warm and friendly trainers; thoughtful, responsive, good specific feedback”
Hebba Haddad, PhD candidate, Psychology, University of Exeter

“The whole seminar was so informative, excellently balanced, kept the attention of everyone at all times! The trainers were very friendly, approachable, and experience just pours out! Great, yet not intimidating, would recommend to everyone.”
Nesta Roberts, PhD candidate in Health Care, University of Bangor


“The on camera interviews were the most useful for me, especially as Lily and Tim had done so  much research into our subjects- it made everything much more personal and specific to our individual needs.”

Francesca Peschier, PhD candidate in scenography, University of the Arts, London

“I was impressed with the level of preparation of the trainers. It makes you give of your best if you notice they’ve really read up on your research.”
Margot Saher, Post Doctoral Research Associate, School of Geography, Plymouth

"The conveners have clearly thought carefully about how to structure and deliver the course online. They come across as very knowledgeable. Most importantly though, they seem to be genuinely interested in the research of participants and want to help them reach a wider audience. Fantastic.” 

Peter Paine, Theology PhD King’s College London 

“Trainers Tim and Lily were incredibly well informed, and I felt that the workshop was really tailored to my needs. They had clearly read everyone’s questionnaire before the class that helped the participants feel at ease. The feedback I received was really helpful so too was the decision to spread the workshop out into two days – I couldn’t have managed a full day on Zoom!” 

Caitlin Rankin-McCabe, PhD English, Durham

Constructive and supportive

“I really enjoyed today. I thought it would be quite intimidating, but the relaxed, friendly atmosphere made it less scary!"
Mandy Edwards, PhD candidate in Health Sciences, University of South Wales

“I found it extremely enjoyable and very educational. The atmosphere was much more relaxed than I had expected which meant the practical work was less intimidating. Very clear and well-paced, gave us insights into “tricks of the trade” and extremely valuable tips.”
Dr Alexandra Pitman, Research Department, Mental Health Sciences, UCL


"Not many trainers manage to give concise and thoughtful feedback in a way that feels pleasant.  Lily gave me helpful, useful and frank tips to improve in a way that felt like a friend giving me judgement-free feedback.. not many two-day courses maintain my attention and focus over two days.  This course not only did that but had me discussing the finer points over dinner with my family." 

Kelly Dawson, PhD, Psychology, University of Kent  

And enjoyable

“Very enjoyable and practical day. Knowledge gained will also be applicable for use at conferences and vivas.”
Lucy Gregson-Green, PhD candidate Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University

"I really enjoyed the mock interviews - very rarely do you get custom-built practices in training sessions! They were a lot of fun, especially when you can get professional feedback...this is the best training programme I’ve had since the beginning of my PhD."

Xinyan Kou, PhD Social Science and Public policy KIng’s College London

“Thank you very much for organizing such a dynamic and interesting session... I left the session with a good range of new ideas and sound advice.”
Professor Montserrat Guibernau, Politics, LSE

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