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This workshop will give you the skills to create effective and engaging podcasts about your work or your organisation. Podcasts are the most accessible “windows” to view your work through, and yours need to reflect the quality of your institution.

What strikes us about many podcasts is that although the production quality is important, it is the communication skills of the podcaster, and their ability to tell a good story, that makes the podcasts effective.

While technical capabilities vary from one organisation to another, our course will enable you to get the best out of whatever technical expertise or resources you may have.  We help you to pitch your podcast correctly to the target audience, to organise your thoughts and consider the best ways to present them. We will give you the skills to present the podcast in a talk format, and the interviewing skills to make an interview/conversation style podcast.

During our workshop you’ll have the opportunity to practise both formats, an audio talk and an on-camera interview. Here we explain what this course is and isn’t about for Oxford University IT Services:

At our workshops you will learn:

  • How to tell a good story in a podcast

  • How to plan and structure a podcast

  • How to interview colleagues for a podcast

  • How to prepare yourself for media interviews

  • How to record a podcast in both talk and interview formats

We have given the course at many universities, including UCL, UAL, the Courtauld Institute of Art, Birmingham, Southampton, Essex, Brunel, Kent and Oxford Universities, as well as at a number of Doctoral Training Partnerships, where it has been well received on each occasion. We offer a one day face-to-face workshop, or an online course via Zoom delivered in two consecutive half day sessions.

“This podcasting workshop achieved in a few hours what I’ve been trying rather inadvertently (I guess) to achieve for years! It’s given me increased confidence and motivation and now with practice I’ll be in a position to begin presenting my research to a wider audience, which is so exciting“

Megan Kirkpatrick DPhil, Social Sciences, Oxford

"The practical advice was just excellent: technical detail was to the point and always useful, the content of the seminar was structured extremely well. The links provided are for relevant and comprehensive materials. The slides are first class.

I attended a different online podcast training session which was trying to do the same sort of thing earlier in the week (from a different provider). Yours was *far and away* the better offering!"

Cath Kennedy, PhD Biblical Studies, Sheffield

“Lily and Tim are brilliant at bringing the focus onto the storytelling and structure, to make sure the content is strong, and appropriate for the format, as well as giving clear and relevant advice on how to present yourself, and communicate well.”

Olivia McCannon PhD English and French, Newcastle

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